2021 KIA Sorento

The All New 2021 Kia Sorento

The all-new fourth-generation 2021 KIA Sorento changes the game. Again.

In the past decade, Kia stealthily transformed from budget car to award-winning mega competitor. This little brand that was has quietly become the manufacturer to beat – catching heavy hitters like Honda, Toyota, and Mazda asleep at the wheel.

Kia dominated in 2019 and 2020. And it’s easy to see why. Pairing luxury level refinement and features with Kia’s affordable pricing, they’re catching everyone by surprise. It’s no coincidence that you see more and more KIAs on the road everyday.

With the Kia Sorento, Kia has unveiled a new winner. This much-beloved three-row mid-sized crossover has the sportiness of the Stinger and the refinement of the Telluride.

The KIA Sorento is a three-row 7-passenger mid-sized crossover. With a bold square silhouette and rugged exterior detailing, the all new 2021 slots nicely between the multi-award-winning KIA Telluride and the compact KIA Sportage.

The 2021 model rides on an all-new platform that's bigger inside and out.

The Sorento is in a category all its own. It's smaller than its 7-seater competitors like Nissan Pathfinder or Honda Pilot. But, has more seating and storage than the Hyundai Sante Fe, Honda CR-V, or Toyota RAV4. A zippy crossover with room for 7.


A Crossover for Everyone

The 2021 Sorento will be offered in five trims available with either FWD or AWD. Plus, two X-Line limited edition trims (limited availability).

7-passenger seat configuration gives comfort for every row. With the Sorento’s spacious cabin and available second-row captain’s chairs, everyone will feel like they’re sitting in first class.

Redesigned From the Ground Up

The 2021 Sorento has seen a serious facelift. New features include Kia’s iconic “tiger face” front grille, standard LED headlights, split vertical LED tail lights, and optional 20-inch wheels. The Sorento is given a much bolder and sleeker look than previous designs.


The Sorento has a 4-cylinder turbo engine that replaces the v6 from previous years. It offers more instant acceleration and handling.

It features two new engine options:

  • a 2.5L 191 hp/182 lb-ft of torque and
  • a 2.5L turbo that boasts 281 hp/311 lb-ft of torque.


Like all Kia vehicles, the new 2021 Kia Sorento is loaded with an extensive list of technology, including available:

  • 12.3-in. full digital meter cluster, a first for any Kia SUV
  • Surround View Monitor utilizes four cameras to provide a 360-degree perspective around the vehicle enhancing driver confidence in tight parking situations
  • Blind View Monitor projects live video view of adjacent lanes in the instrument cluster and activated via the turn signal (a Sorento first)
  • 8 USB charging ports (6 in LX)
  • 8-inch or available 10.25-inch high-resolution color touchscreen display
  • Split-screen functionality
  • Available SiriusXM satellite radio
  • Available wireless smartphone charging10 pad with increased charge rates

10.25-inch inch touchscreen adds:

  • Haptic feedback buttons
  • New multi-connection Bluetooth7 wireless connectivity that allows the connection of two phones simultaneously
  • Enhanced UVO voice assist feature allows voice control of the vehicle’s climate, seat/steering-wheel heating, audio system, and other functions
  • Connected User Profiles7: Allows customers to add an additional driver to their vehicle. T
  • UVO & Smart Speaker Integration lets customers use Amazon-Alexa or Google-Assistant enabled smart speaker or device to remotely control some functions (such as remote start)


The 2021 Kia Sorento comes with 16 “Kia Drive Wise” Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems that are either standard or available.

Standard on all trim levels:

  • Rear Occupancy Alert can send push notification alerts via the UVO link app if movement is detected inside the vehicle. It uses ultrasonic sensors engineered to detect child or pet movement in the second and third rows after the doors have been locked. Then can notify the driver and surrounding area by sounding the horn and illuminating the hazard lamps
  • Intelligent Speed Limit Assist (ISLA): Automatically changes set speed of Smart Cruise Control by using the speed limit information detected through the front camera or GPS navigation information (when activated)
  • Forward Collision Warning (FCW): Designed to detect a vehicle ahead in the lane. In certain conditions, calculates distance and closing speed to issue an alert to the driver if it senses a potential frontal collision
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA): Builds on FCW by assisting the driver when braking to help prevent a collision or lessen the effects in certain conditions
  • FCA-Pedestrian: Builds upon FCW functionality and helps detect pedestrians in front of the vehicle and uses automatic braking to avoid or mitigate an impact
  • Driver Attention Warning (DAW): Senses inattentive driving patterns and sends an audible/visual warning to alert the driver
  • Leading Vehicle Departure Alert (LVDA): Alerts driver with a chime when the leading vehicle begins to move forward from a standing position
  • Lane Following Assist (LFA): Follows lane markings that the system detects and provides steering inputs to help maintain the vehicle in the center of the lane

*Available on certain trims:

  • *Blind Spot Collision Avoidance (BCCA) – Parallel Exit: Uses the rear-corner radar to detect a collision risk with parallel traffic when leaving a parking spot. The system applies emergency braking and cautions the driver through the cluster and an audible alarm
  • *Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA) – Junction Turning (FCA-JT): Assists the driver in braking to help prevent a collision or lessen the effects in certain conditions when turning left and an oncoming vehicle is approaching
  • *Blind Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA): Under certain conditions, can detect vehicles travelling in the next lane. When a vehicle is “seen” in the blind spot, the vehicle brakes the outer wheel under certain conditions to help return the vehicle to its lane
  • *Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA): Helps detect most approaching cross-traffic when in reverse. When approaching cross-traffic is detected, the system alerts the driver and applies brakes
  • *Parking Distance Warning-Reverse (PDW-R): Detects certain objects behind the vehicle, issuing an audible warning when an obstruction is detected. The warning tone chimes faster as the vehicle gets closer to the detected object
  • *Parking Collision-Avoidance Assist (PCA-R): Uses a rearview camera and rear ultrasonic sensors to help detect most pedestrians or nearby obstacles when the vehicle backs out of a parking spot, warning drivers with a chime and can engage brakes to prevent a collision
  • *Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control-Curve (NSCC-C): leverages the navigation system to lower the vehicle’s speed proactively before upcoming curves
  • *Highway Driving Assist (HDA): Uses federal highway speed limit information from the navigation system. In certain conditions, will automatically adjust speed to be within the posted speed limit and maintain distance with the vehicle detected in front
  • *Safe Exist Assist (SEA)15: Can alert the driver or passengers opening their door not to exit the vehicle when the system detects approaching traffic. When detected, a chime sounds. The system can intervene to lock the rear doors when the vehicle is equipped with available Power Child Lock
  • *FCA-Cyclist: Builds on FCW functionality and helps detect cyclists in front of the vehicle and uses automatic braking to avoid or mitigate an impact


Don’t take our word for it. Test-drive the all-new 2021 KIA Sorento yourself. Book your test-drive here. Check inventory here.