BC EV Rebates Now $4000

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The BC Government raised the rebates for zero-emission vehicles to $4000, effective August 2, 2022. But there’s a catch. Let’s find out if you still qualify.
Rebates for individuals be as follows:
  • up to $4,000 for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), and longer-range plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
  • up to $2,000 for shorter-range PHEVs
Rebates will no longer be available for higher-income earners. This includes individuals who earn more than $100,000, and households who earn more than $165,000.
Rebate amounts for businesses, local governments, or organizations remain the same. They are eligible for a $3,000 rebate for BEVs, FCEVs, and longer‑range PHEVs, and $1,500 for shorter-range PHEVs.
Individuals need to apply to have their income verified through the BC government’s website, as specified here. Individuals will then receive a pre-approved rebate level assigned to them, which they can use when they go to purchase/lease an eligible ZEV. However, the rebate will still be provided by dealers to consumers at the point-of-purchase.
For individuals who started the process of buying or leasing an eligible ZEV prior to the program changes, the Ministry is offering a 90-day exemption period. More on grandparenting rules is available here.
Canadian Federal Rebates still sit at $5000 for zero emission vehicles and $2500 for qualifying plug-in hybrids.