BC Scrap-It Program: EV Incentive

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BC Scrap-It Program: What is it?

The BC Scrap-It Program offers incentives to scrap high-polluting vehicles with the purchase of a new or used electric vehicle. Incentives range from $3000 for a used EV, up to $6000 for a new EV.

Each January, participating dealerships like KIA Victoria are allocated a number of incentives for their customers. Once they're gone, they're gone! And then tend to go quickly.



BEFORE YOU APPLY: The 5 Steps to EV Ownership


Make sure your old vehicle qualifies.

a) All applicant(s) must be the registered owner(s) of the vehicle being scrapped.

b) All applicants must be able to provide evidence from ICBC that they have had continuous driving insurance (not including storage) on their vehicle, as the registered owner(s), for the 6-month period from the date they apply to the program, backwards.

Visit Kia Victoria to find your qualifying EV

All EVs (new or used) must be purchased from a participating dealership like KIA Victoria. Not all dealerships participate in the program.

Talk to your dealership about available SCRAP-IT incentives. Make sure they have an incentive available for you. As we said, they go quickly!

Contact our dealership directly for availability or view our Soul EV or Niro EV online inventory.

Purchase the Qualifying EV

Once you have found the EV you wish to purchase, make sure the participating dealership is guaranteeing you an incentive. We advise you to get this in writing (e.g. on the deposit receipt or sales agreement), especially if the dealer is ordering you a new EV from the manufacturer.

You should only apply to the program once you’ve scheduled or taken delivery of your EV.

Take Delivery of the EV and Apply to our Program

Apply to the Scrap-It program only when you have the final appointment booked to pick-up your new or used electric vehicle from KIA Victoria. This means that if it was a factory order, the EV is now on our lot.

Receive Your Incentive via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Once SCRAP-IT has received confirmation directly from the authorized scrap drop-off location, and KIA Victoria has submitted the claim for you, your EFT will be processed.