Brakes Service

Why Follow the Kia Canada Recommended Service Schedule for Brake Inspections?

To avoid costly repairs or brake failure, it’s wise to have your brakes checked by a qualified technician annually. The factory-trained technicians at KIA Victoria will do both a visual and hands-on analysis of the brake’s systems and will provide detailed information on any recommended work.

Braking systems operate using a hydraulic system. Applying pressure to the brake pedal sends brake fluid throughout the vehicle’s brake system activating parts that create friction to stop or slow down the vehicle. Any weak or worn points in the brake system, such as hoses, seals or other hydraulic components, could result in fluid leak and possibly a catastrophic failure of your brakes.

The factory-trained technicians at KIA Victoria are specially trained in KIA parts and service. They will calibrate your brake system to the exact specifications that will make your vehicle perform like new.

How Often Should I Get my Brakes Checked?

Once a Year or Every 20,000km

If it has been over a year or 20,000km since your last check, or you are past the recommended kilometers since your last brake fluid check, it is time to come in. Even if there are no other warning signs, a brake check will be able to tell you whether there is unusual wear-and-tear or developing issues related to your brakes.

If the Brake Pedal Seems Loose and/ or Requires More Pressure

Brakes have more natural wear on them than perhaps any part of a car. Every time you brake your vehicle, the rotor pad is faced with immense friction as it stops the wheel. Over time these pads wear down and you will need to apply ever greater force to the brake pedal to stop your vehicle. If you notice this, make an appointment as soon as possible.

Unusual Vibrations or Noises During Braking

If your car shudders when you apply the brakes or you hear audible squeaks or other noises coming from the brakes, this signals that the rotor pads or calipers need replacing, fixing or fluid added. Make an appointment with the KIA Victoria service centre and our factory trained technicians can diagnose the problem and present you with the most effective options to get your vehicle functioning properly.


Electric vehicles use regenerative braking to slow down the vehicle and capture some of that expended energy to charge the battery. Depending on your driving style, this could mean that your brakes last much longer than they would on a traditional gas-powered vehicle. Not only that, which mode you choose - whether you drive in Eco, Sport, or Normal – will drastically affect the life of your brakes. In some cases, a conscientious Eco Mode driver can add tens of thousands of kms onto the life of the brakes. But so too can a hard and fast Sport Mode driver reduce the life of the brakes.

So, while brakes on an electric vehicle might last longer, they still require regular inspections to ensure they’re wearing properly and that no issues are present. Follow the Kia Recommended EV Maintenance Schedule for peace of mind.