Canadian Kia EV9 Pricing Just Released!

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Finally, a family-sized all-electric SUV. Zooming into the future of vehicles, it’s no secret that the electric car market is surging, and Kia’s EV9 is leading the charge. And the best news yet? The price tag of the Kia EV9 has just been unveiled, and it’s impressive! Let’s rev up our engines and explore all the juicy details of this eco-friendly powerhouse.

But first, details. The EV7 is a 6 or 7 passenger all electric SUV by Kia. It’s similar in size/massing to the World Car of the Year Kia Telluride, a gas-powered ICE vehicle, and on the same wheelbase as the World Car of the Year Kia EV6. We see an award-winning trend for Kia here.

Kia EV9 Light RWD: $59,995

The base model of the Kia EV9 is the Light Rear Wheel Drive (RWD), priced at $59,995. It boasts 215 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque, delivered by its rear-wheel-drive system. With a range of 489km, the Kia EV9 Light RWD is more than capable of handling both city and longer distance driving.

Kia EV9 Light RWD $59,995

  • 215 hp / 258 lb-ft Rear Wheel Drive
  • 7-passenger seating
  • Battery Heating System
  • Fast Charge (400/800V)
  • Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA2)
  • 19” alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers
  • 370 km range

Upgrade to Wind RWD: +$3000

For an additional $3000, you can upgrade to the Wind RWD model. This variant comes equipped with a larger 99.8kWh Lithium-Ion Battery and a heat pump system. The larger battery enhances the vehicle’s range and performance, while the heat pump ensures efficient use of energy, especially in colder climates. In addition to its power, it comes equipped with a heated steering wheel, a feature that is sure to be appreciated in Canada’s colder months.

Wind RWD +$3000, all the Light features, plus…

  • 99.8kWh Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Heat Pump
  • Heated steering wheel
  • 489km Range

Upgrade to Land All-Wheel Drive (AWD): +$5000

For those seeking more power and enhanced driving dynamics, there’s the option to upgrade to the Land AWD model. This variant features a dual motor set-up producing 379 horsepower and a staggering 516 lb.-ft. of torque. It also boasts a Terrain Drive Modes system, allowing the driver to adapt the vehicle’s performance to different driving conditions. Despite its increased power, the Land AWD still offers a substantial range of 451km.

Upgrade to Land AWD +$5000

  • 379 hp : 516 lb.-ft.
  • AWD Dual Motor
  • Terrain Drive Modes
  • 451km Range

Additional *Land* Upgrade Packages

Kia offers additional packages to further enhance the EV9 Land AWD’s capabilities and features. Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect with each package:

PREMIUM PACKAGE: Additional $10,000

For an additional $10,000, you can upgrade your Land AWD with the PREMIUM PACKAGE. This includes 6-passenger seating, 20” alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers, 7-passenger seating, striking small cube LED headlamps for both low and high beams, a dual sunroof for an airy cabin feel, a unique digital lighting grille base pattern, and a Vehicle to Load (V2L) system, both inside and outside the car.


  • 6-Passenger Seating
  • 20” alloy wheels with aerodynamic covers
  • Small Cube LED headlamps (Low & High beams)
  • Dual Sunroof
  • Digital Lighting Grille Base Pattern
  • V2L (outside + inside)

GT-line Package: Additional $14,000

For those desiring a sportier look and feel, there’s the GT-line package, available for an additional $14,000. This package includes 21” GT-Line Wheels with aerodynamic wheel covers, a digital lighting grille with a GT-Line Pattern, and distinctive GT-Line Design Elements. The package also adds comfort features like Front Passenger and 2nd Row Power Leg rests, and a power fold/unfold 3rd row. High-tech additions include a heads-up display (HUD) system.

or GT-LINE Pkg +$14,000

  • 21” GT-Line Wheels With aerodynamic wheel covers
  • Digital Lighting Grille GT-Line Pattern
  • GT-Line Design Elements
  • Front Passenger Pwr. Leg rests
  • 2nd Row Pwr. Leg rests
  • Heads-up display (HUD) system
  • Power Fold/Unfold 3rd Row


In a nutshell, the Kia EV9 is going to blow away the competition. This family-sized EV offers a range of trims and packages to suit different needs and preferences. With its slick electric performance and a treasure trove of exciting features, it’s no wonder the Kia EV9 is set to leave a mark on the Canadian EV scene.