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  Congratulations! You've chosen a car, agreed on a price, and are eager to hit the road. There's just one final step - meeting with a Financial Services Manager. But first, let's take a mome...Read More

We get it. Buying a car can be an intimidating process for many people. Bad experiences, stereotypes, and just plain fear of the unknown can all muddle your opinion of dealerships - and in some ca...Read More

Smoky Air Isn't Just Bad for You, It Harms Your Vehicle as WellWhile Canada experienced a lower than average number of wildfires this year, south of the border hasn't fared so well. The hundreds o...Read More

Finance Office Products Congratulations! You chose a new or new-to-you vehicle. There's just one final step - meeting with the Financial Services Manager. And you ask yourself, What Extended War...Read More

Should I buy a NEW or USED vehicle?This article is your handy guide to help you choose: should I buy a NEW or USED vehicle? Quiz included!Whether you are planning on paying cash, leasing or financ...Read More

Your Credit and YouKnowing your credit score and what it can do for you is the best first step in taking control of your financial future. This article talks about why your credit score is importa...Read More

The Insider’s Guide To Getting The Most For Your Used CarWe all want to maximize the money in our pockets. Follow these simple tips to getting the most for your used car. As the second biggest ...Read More

If you’d like to stay in your lease contract for a bit longer you have a few options. Extending your lease contract is a great option if: you feel you’ll be in a much different financial posit...Read More

There are so many reasons someone might want to terminate their car lease early. But whatever the reason, you’ll most likely have to pay a fee to do it. And some ways are better than others and ...Read More

Safety technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years to become much more driver-aware and automatic. But the features are often so automated that it’s hard to wade through what each techn...Read More