Your Kia Detailing Specialists

Your vehicle should not only feel good but look good too. Our detail department has been highly recommended rate by numerous customers for their exceptional service. With over 15 years of experience, our detailing specialists are ready to help you bring your vehicle back to its ideal condition.

Did you know that auto detailing increases the value of your vehicle and potentially increase your ROI? A clean and polished vehicle promotes a positive image and reflects as well-maintained thus increasing the resale value.

Services we offer:

Full Detail

From $329.95

  • Exterior polish & wash
  • Interior shampoo (carpets & seats)
  • Clean leather upholstery
  • Clean wheel well & rims
  • Rubber dress all moulding & interior trim
  • Clean glass

Exterior Detail

From $219.95

  • Exterior wash & interior vacuum
  • Clean wheels & wheel wells
  • Polish paint (removes faded paint & fine scratches)
  • Rubber dress exterior moulding & tires
  • Seal paint finish with wax

Interior Detail

From $219.95

  • Shampoo (carpets & seats) or clean leather upholstery
  • Clean glass
  • Detail dash area
  • Rubber dress interior trims