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The southern Vancouver Island’s Kia dealership has been sold by the Graham family to new owners Greg Churchill and Brad Ostermann and re-named, KIA VICTORIA.

Graham Kia Victoria has reached a milestone this month, with 10 years in the automotive industry as a Kia certified dealership since it’s rebranding from the Victoria Acura dealership of 11 years. The Graham family welcome the new owners, Greg Churchill and Brad Ostermann, of the newly named Kia Victoria on October 1st, 2019.

“I am looking forward to getting to know all of our customers. The dealership will be going through a renovation, expanding the service department, and will soon be offering a wide range of used electric vehicles.” – Greg Churchill, Owner & Dealer Principal of Kia Victoria (left)

“I am looking forward to introducing my Family to the Kia family and learning Kia’s awesome line up, especially the EVs and Hybrids. I believe in continual improvement and being the kind of company that our customers want to succeed because we care for them and the community.”

– Brad Ostermann, Owner & General Manager of Kia Victoria

A Letter to Our Extended Graham Kia Family.

“It has been a 21-year endeavour that was started with the loving support of our incredible parents. Through those 21 years, there were many late nights, and missed days off for us all, but I want everyone to know that regardless of our hard work, we would never have achieved what we have without our parents support, as it was their faith in us that allowed us the opportunity to build something great. Other than my parents, I want to emphasize that without the leadership shown by my brother Ed, and the wonderful examples set by my sister Karen and her husband Eli, I would not be where I am today.

…To my many friends and valued customers, please know that I value all of you, appreciating that you too had a very important role in my getting to this day. Last but not least I want express my deepest gratitude to our many hard working and talented employees who played such an integral role in our success. So, thank-you all, my family will be forever grateful for your generous support.”

– Jon Graham.