Kia announces pricing and arrival of the highly-anticipated EV6 in Canada

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EV6 Pricing in Canada

Kia EV6Kia EV6 Highlights

  • EV6 begins to arrive in dealerships in February with an MSRP (including freight) starting from $46,995
  • Up to 499 kms of driving range on select models
  • Available heat pump system for Canada
  • Ultra-fast charging on 800V DC charger can supply up to 80% in 18 minutes
  • Available Vehicle to Load (V2L) technology turns EV6 into a direct power source for everything from personal electronics, appliances, even another EV
  • Spacious crossover with unique exterior styling, LED lighting throughout, flush-door handles (a Kia-first)
  • Convenient and minimalist interior with two 12.3-inch displays
  • Thoughtful storage
  • High-quality recycled materials
  • Safety that continues to innovate with available Highway Drive Assist II and Remote Smart Parking Assist


Kia EV6 News

Kia’s first dedicated battery electric vehicle, the EV6, is set to arrive in Canada in February. The EV6 undoubtedly sets a new standard for Kia’s electrified vehicles with unique design elements, thoughtfully crafted convenience features and ever-evolving technology to enhance both safety and driving experience.

Built for Power Performance, Quick Charging and Long-Lasting Range

Built on the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), the EV6 will be offered in RWD and AWD options and is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery, yielding performance to suit any type of driver’s needs and a range of up to 499 kilometers on select models i :

  • RWD: 58.0 kWh battery with a 125kW rear motor (up to 373 km range)
  • RWD: 77.4 kWh battery with a 168kW rear motor (up to 499 km range)
  • AWD: 77.4 kWh battery with a 74kW front motor and a 165kW rear motor (up to 441 km range)
  • AWD: 77.4 kWh battery with a 160kW front motor and a 270kW rear motor
  • The GT model will be available later in 2022

Super Fast Charging

A world-first, the EV6 features a patented multi-charging system capable of ultra-fast-charging at 800V and 400V, without a separate controller:

  • 800V DC fast charging can supply nearly 100 kilometers in less than 5 minutes ii
  • Up to 380 kms of range (10-to-80 percent) added in under 18 minutes
  • On-board charger (OBC) for Level 2 recharging from 10-to-100 percent in 7 hours, 10 minutes (240v AC, at 48-amps) for the larger 77.4 kWh battery versions

Available Heat Pump for the Canadian Market Only

For the Canadian market specifically, the EV6 will also come with an available heat pump system with waste heat recycling to help maintain the all-electric range even at low temperatures. First integrated into the Soul EV and available on the Niro EV, this next-generation heat pump system on the EV6 uses not only the heat from the external air, but also the waste heat from a variety of other electronic vehicle components resulting in a larger capacity of recycling.

New battery system that powers more than just the vehicle

Innovative and hassle-free, EV6 features available Vehicle-to-Load (V2L), allowing the EV6 to operate as a power source with an output of 1.9kW . This is made possible through the Integrated Charging Control Unit (ICCU), which allows electricity to flow from the battery pack, powering everything from personal electronics like a laptop or phone, a projector during an evening out camping, a generator or home appliances and even another EV in emergency situations.

  • 120V power outlet located in the lower centre of the rear seat (indoor V2L, a Kia-first)
  • Exterior V2L, located on the rear passenger side of the vehicle, has an output of 1.9kW and can also support Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) charging in case of emergency

Modern exterior and interior

The Opposites United design philosophy makes its debut on EV6, under the ‘Power to Progress’ pillar, which draws inspiration from the more recent evolution of the brand’s strength in design.


EV6’s exterior design is distinguished and striking, with head-turning contours and eye-catching features:

  • Daytime running lights with moving light pattern inspired by electronic pixels
  • Intake molding at the base of the front bumper provides an emphasized wide stance
  • Clamshell style hood incorporated into the entire fender
  • 3 unique wheel designs for a high-tech look
  • Auto flush-type door handles, a first for Kia
  • Full LED rear lamps with built-in turn signal function, standard on all models
  • Rear spoiler and powered charging door that is camouflaged


EV6’s interior sets a new standard of possibilities when it comes to EV technology, improved interior space and interaction:

  • Panoramic curved display with two connected 12.3-inch displays (cluster and navigation)
  • Start button and dial-type Shift by Wire applied in optimal position
  • Lean, minimalist structure across a wide cockpit area that is lightweight, simple and full of character
  • Unmatched interior console space featuring armrest and large open tray storage, large capacity lid-type glove box and hangers just behind the two front seats
  • Seats are slim, lightweight and contemporary and is comprised of robust fabrics using recycled materials equating to 111 water bottles


Innovative technology, comfort and convenience for an invigorating drive like no other

EV6 is packed with intelligent and thoughtful features to enhance the driver’s experience:

  • A Kia first, EV6 integrates available Augmented Reality Head Up Display (AR-HUD) iv that matches driving safety-related warnings and driving information about the road or preceding vehicle
  • Turn by turn navigation
  • Lane safety information
  • Front vehicle indicator and safety information
  • Integrated infotainment and air conditioning control keys improve the intuitiveness and luxury of the cockpit design and experience
  • Active Sound Design (ASD) offers three types of driving sound sources for a truly differentiated motoring experience

The latest in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS):

As part of Kia’s overall commitment to safety, the EV6 has a comprehensive list of active Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)v including, but not limited to:

  • Available Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA): remotely park or exit a parking spot from outside of the vehicle
  • Available Blind-Spot Avoidance Assist (BCA): Under certain conditions, can detect vehicles traveling in the next lane. When a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, the vehicle brakes the outer wheel under certain conditions to help return the vehicle to its lane
  • Driver Attention Warning (DAW)vi : Senses inattentive driving patterns and sends an audible/visual warning to alert the driver
  • Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA): Assists the driver when braking to help prevent a collision or lessen the effects in certain conditions if a vehicle is detected in front. Uses automatic braking to avoid or mitigate an impact
  • Other available iterations of FCA include FCA-Ped (Pedestrian), available FCA-LS (Land-Change Side), available FCA-LO (Lane-Change Oncoming), available FCA-JC (Junction Crossing), FCA-JT (Junction Turning)
  • High Beam Assist (HBA): Detects oncoming traffic and automatically switches off the high beam headlights then turns them on once traffic has passed
  • Available Highway Driving Assist II (HDA 2)vii : This system is the evolution of HDA and EV6 is the first Kia to have it. This driving convenience system that keeps a set distance from a car in front and centres the vehicle in the lane. HDA2 will additionally assist with lane changes and adjust the lateral position of the car within the lane
  • ISLA (Intelligent Speed Limit Assist): Recognizes signs and provides relevant feedback in the cluster and augmented-reality head-up display (AR HUD)
  • Navigation Based Smart Cruise Control-Curve (NSCC-C): Leverages the navigation system to lower the vehicle’s speed proactively before upcoming curves in the road
  • Available Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist (RCCA): Helps detect most approaching cross traffic when in reverse. When approaching cross traffic is detected, the system alerts the driver and applies the brakes



Pricing for the Kia EV6 starts at $46,995 MSRP including freight and PDI:

  • Standard Range RWD: $46,995 MSRP including freight and PDI
  • Long Range RWD: $54,995 MSRP including freight and PDI
  • Long Range AWD: $56,995 MSRP including freight and PDI
  • Long Range AWD with GT-Line Package 1: $59,995 MSRP including freight and PDI
  • Long Range AWD with GT-Line Package 2: $63,995 MSRP including freight and PDI



To learn more about the Kia EV6, please contact us at 205-360-1111 or All EV6 will be available by factory order only. We look forward to helping you!