Kia Earns Edmunds 2021 Top-Rated Award

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Kia Earns Edmunds 2021 Top-Rated SUV and Sedan Award.

The Kia K5 has just been named the Top Rated Sedan in Edmunds 2021 Top-Rated Award. The K5 is joined by the Telluride, winner of the Top Rated SUV Award - 2 Years in a Row. This is particularly impressive considering the Telluride was first introduced in 2020. 

“The award-winning Telluride and K5 represent success in two very different segments and are proof of the brand’s ‘Give It Everything’ spirit.” - Sean Yoon, President & CEO, Kia Motors America, Kia Motors North America. 

An Amazing Start to a New Year

Kia’s instant success with new models is anything but common. Similar to the Telluride last year, the K5 is brand new to the North American market. Most manufacturers use the first few years of a vehicle's launch to iron out any design oversights or shortcomings. Receiving an award for top-rated SUV and Sedan makes it evident, Kia sets a very high standard for their vehicles. 

“Kia has a longstanding commitment to innovation, quality and driver satisfaction, and we’re honoured that the experts at Edmunds are once again recognizing these values in our vehicles,”  - Sean Yoon, president & CEO, Kia Motors America, Kia Motors North America. 


What Qualifies for an Edmunds Top-Rated Award?

The testing and ranking process are based on the following criteria: driving, comfort, interior, tech, storage and value. Finalists are those with the highest overall test ratings in their class, selected by the Edmunds editorial team.

"The K5’s ride is as smooth as those from some luxury sedans, and it makes a striking first impression thanks to a sharp design that's far more compelling than some of its more pedestrian-looking competition. In terms of SUVs, the Telluride has truly changed our expectations for the segment, thanks to its combination of high-quality design, family-friendly functionality and impressive value."  - Alistair Weaver, editor-in-chief at Edmunds. 


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