Kia has the Lowest True Cost of Any Brand on the Road Today 

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Kia has the Lowest True Cost of Any Brand on the Road Today has just released its annual cost of ownership. Also called the “Deepview True Cost” report, it includes all major automotive brands. The cost of ownership compares how much on average customers pay over the first 3 years of ownership on scheduled maintenance and servicing of the vehicle. 

Where Does the Data Come From?

It’s a simple idea. They look at the last three years of service maintenance costs, and see how each brand stacks up against each other. Since it’s 2021, Wepredict looked at 2018 purchases to give three years of service costs to compare against one another.

Deepview True Cost service costs are based on the total money spent by manufacturers and vehicle owners. This includes repairs, maintenance, service campaigns, diagnostics, software updates, recalls, and warranty on factory-installed options.

The Results

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Best Models to Buy Based on Ownership Costs

As you can see from the chart above, Kia ranks #1 in True Cost of all car manufacturers on the road today.  Kia’s strong commitment to value has never been evident. Kia ownership can save you around $200 in maintenance costs compared to the average non-premium manufacturer.

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The lowest cost of servicing as a manufacturer is just the beginning. Certain Kia vehicles also performed exceptionally well and earned top spots in their respective category. The Kia Forte and Kia Optima had the lowest true cost amongst all of their segment competitors, while the Kia Rio ranked 2nd in the small car category. 

How is Deepview True Cost to Own Measured?

The study includes more than 13 million vehicles across 400 models. The results are based on 65 million service or repair orders that totaled more than $7.7 billion in parts and $9.5 billion in labor costs. Included in the calculations are maintenance, unplanned repairs, warranty and recalls, service campaigns, diagnostics, software updates, and warranty on factory-installed options. Items such as gas, local and state inspections, seasonal tire changes, and insurance are not included.

Full Article

You can read the full article and breakdown from Wepredict here. 

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