Kia Safety Tech: Driver Attention Warning System (DAW)

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Kia is looking to combat a growing problem of driver fatigue/inattentiveness by introducing The Driver Attention Warning system (DAW). Also known as the Driver Attention Alert system (DAA). Recent studies prove that driving while sleep-deprived can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. It is much more common than driving while impaired and makes up about 20% of accidents in Canada.


What is DAW?

Designed to keep all vehicle occupants safe, the system monitors the usual driving habits and behaviour of the driver. By understanding the driver's usual tendencies and driving pattern, DAW is able to detect irregularities in your driving which may be a sign of driver fatigue or a distracted driver.

When the system detects these issues, it alerts the driver with visual and audio warnings. A coffee cup appears on the dashboard along with an audible alert to alert the driver that they are either driving carelessly or should consider taking a break from driving on longer drives.

Turning On DAW


To activate your Driver Attention Warning System:

  1. Choose the Menu switch located on your steering wheel.

2. Using the Up/Down toggle switch, move to the User Settings page and choose Driver Assistance.

3. Scroll to Driver Attention Warning.      
4. Mark the checkbox to activate the system


Here is a helpful step-by-step video from Kia about DAW.

New Kia Vehicles with Driver Attention Warning (DAW)

Kia’s Driver Attention Warning system (DAW) is a must-have available feature for any family road trip or weekend getaway. Find out which vehicle is equipped with this feature by contacting one of our many sales specialists or if you have any other questions including how to set it up in your own Kia vehicle.