Kia Victoria Proudly Supports Special Olympics BC through Auction for Athletes

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We are so proud to announce that Kia Victoria holds the esteemed position of being the top sponsor for the Special Olympics British Columbia Auction for Athletes for 2024.

The Success Story of 2023 Auction for Athletes

The 2023 Auction for Athletes was a monumental success, with the event raising over $230,000. The funds raised were for the benefit of Special Olympics BC and the New Car Dealers Foundation of BC. These organizations put these funds to good use, improving the lives of many individuals and fostering a community spirit through sports. We can’t wait to see how the auction does for for 2024.

The Special Olympics BC: Enriching Lives Through Sports

Special Olympics BC is an organization with a mission – to enrich the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport. They believe in the power of sports and how it can bring about a positive change in the lives of people. It involves thousands of athletes and volunteers, all working together towards a common goal.

The organization delivers year-round, high-quality sport programs and competitions in 18 summer and winter sports. They cater to all levels of skill and commitment, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate, learn, and grow. They believe in the power of sports to bring people together and to challenge them, helping individuals to achieve their potential and to enjoy the benefits of physical fitness and team camaraderie.

But their work does not stop with organizing sports events. They also conduct youth programs, health and fitness programming, and leadership and professional development training. These initiatives ensure that both athletes and volunteers have the resources and skills to excel in their roles and in life in general.

Looking Forward

The success of the 2023 Auction for Athletes is a testament to the impact sports can have on individuals and communities. It is proof of what we can achieve when we come together to support a worthy cause. As we look forward to the next auction, we are reminded of the power of sports and community, and the incredible work done by organizations like Special Olympics BC.

Through initiatives like the Auction for Athletes, we can continue to support Special Olympics BC in their mission to enrich lives and build a more inclusive community. Whether you’re an athlete, a volunteer, or a supporter, you have a role to play in this mission. So let’s continue to work together to make a difference.

Kia Victoria is proud to be part of this journey and will continue to support Special Olympics BC through the Auction for Athletes. Because together, we can create a world where everyone is invited to play, regardless of their abilities.