The Kia Victoria Tire Centre

Kia Victoria Tire Service Centre

Your KIA has been designed to perform best with specialised tires for different conditions. As the sole contact point with the road, proper tires are an essential. Whether your tires need a full replacement or a simple change to seasonal tires, KIA Victoria’s expert service will ensure your car operates at peak performance. We offer all brands at unbeatable pricing with our Price Match Guarantee. Plus, expert installation from KIA factory-trained technicians.

Four More Reasons to Buy Tires From Kia Victoria

With the best prices and excellent service, Kia Victoria is the clear choice for tire service on your Kia. By ensuring you have the proper tires for your model and the season, your Kia will be ready to tackle any driving challenge to deliver yourself and your family in safety and security. Here are four more reasons to choose Kia Victoria when selecting tires for your vehicle:

Peace of Mind

Not all tires are created equal, and not all tires are made for your car. We ensure you receive the proper tires for your Kia and your road conditions.


We offer competitive pricing on all or tires including our unbeatable Price Match Guarantee!


Properly installed by factory trained Kia technicians who know your car best.


We carry them all. From BF Goodrich to Yokohama and everything in between.

Ever Wonder How Tire Traction Affects your Safety?

Watch our video below detailing how worn tires drastically effect the stopping distance of your KIA in both dry and wet/ winter conditions.