KIA Victoria’s Safe Service

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Kia Victoria Safe Sales and Service

We at KIA Victoria are working hard throughout the current global crisis to keep our KIA Family safe.

We appreciate your business in these strange and difficult times, and understand that the situation is rapidly changing. We are closely following the guidelines of the public health authorities as well as the Provincial and Federal Governments. We have stringent disinfection measures in place, are rigorously following social distancing guidelines, and have developed processes that allow for no-contact service and sales interactions. For more information, please watch the video below, and take a peek at the 5 steps also outlined below.

While our main priority is to keep our staff and clients safe, we are still passionate about ensuring vehicle and transportation safety as well. For more information, read our latest articles here, or contact one of our representatives about how we can tailor a safe experience for you.

Thank you for understanding.

Please stay safe,

The KIA Victoria Team


Kia Victoria Safe Service Video:

Kia Victoria Safe Service Procedure:

Step 1: Phone or email us with your service request or required repair. We will review your needs, develop a plan, provide a quote and set a time for you to drop off your vehicle.

Step 2: Drop the vehicle off at Kia Victoria, lock the vehicle and use our convenient key dropbox. Fill out the envelope, place the key inside and then drop it in the slot. No need to enter the dealership.

Step 3: We will retrieve your key, safely perform your service or repair, disinfect your vehicle and then reach out to let you know that it Is ready for pick up.

Step 4: We will review your invoice, confirm the work that was done and allow you to pay your invoice with a credit card over the phone.

Step 5: When you arrive to Pick up your vehicle, call us and we will meet you in the parking lot, keep a safe distance, wipe down your key and leave it in the car for you to retrieve.