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This category includes just about everything you need to know about electric vehicles and hybrids. Whether you're thinking about buying, or need solid advice on best practices for maintaining your new ride in top condition, we've got it covered.


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Vehicle technology is advancing at such a rapid rate that's it hard to keep up with it all. From programming your on-board computer, to lane depart assist and advanced collision warning, it's a lot to keep up with. Find all your answers here.



It's a showdown for the ages! We're pretty proud of our brand and think it ranks above just about every other brand out there feature for feature. To prove it, we're building a comprehensive model-by-model comparison of all our vehicles. More comparisons added weekly.


The Newest KIA Models!!!

Fresh rides! All-New for 2020!!

The KIA Seltos

KIA welcomed the brand new Kia Seltos AWD to their line-up in March 2020. This much-anticipated subcompact SUV with available AWD combines the small sportiness of the KIA Soul with the refinement of the Telluride.

The Seltos is a 5-passenger subcompact SUV crossover, which essentially means it’s a small – but not too small – city SUV, perfect for zipping around town and roomy enough for long roadtrips. It is be the largest subcompact SUV on the market.

Get all the details about this amazing new KIA ride, right here!


The KIA K5

Some are already calling it the Baby Stinger, with all the style and power of its big brother but in a smaller family-sized package. The all-new mid-sized sedan is a result of KIA's unstoppable passion to craft an exceptional driver experience. Innovation arrives in Canada Fall 2020, when K5 will make its national debut in LX, EX and GT-Line trims.

The K5 takes over from the KIA Optima, which was retired from the Canadian KIA lineup in 2020. A non-traditional, sport-inspired mid-sized sedan, K5 is the catalyst for the transformation of Kia’s next generation line-up, which will be characterized by powerful, angular design, constant renewal, re-imagination and boldness.


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