LEVEL 4 DC Ultra Fast Chargers

LEVEL 4 DC Ultra Fast Chargers are the newest and latest tech when it comes to charging your electric vehicle.

As DC quick charge station technology improves, the price continues to drop. However, the average Level 4 station will still cost $50,000-$100,000, so they’re currently quite rare. As infrastructure improves, and more EVs hit the road, prices will go down and you’ll find LEVEL 4 stations on roadsides soon.

Level 4 Charger

Let’s break it down:

  • These are ultra fast: 800v DC fast charging from a 350-kW charger allows nearly 112 kms added in less than 5 minutes, and up to 338 kms added in under 18 minutes.
  • A 350-kW Level 4 charger can add 100 km in as little as four minutes, at a price of less than $3.
  • These would revolutionize EV accessibility and cause EV ownership to make sense for even the most inexhaustible high mileage motorhead.
  • There are zero Level 4 chargers in Victoria, currently.