Level One Chargers

There are currently four different types of chargers for electric vehicles. This article will talk about Level 1 chargers - or more aptly put - Level 1 charging cables.

LEVEL 1 - or trickle charging - uses a portable charging cable in a standard household (120v) outlet to charge the electric vehicle. This cable comes standard in most electric vehicles. It is just the cable, and does not include a charging station. One end fits into your car's charging port, the other fit into a regular household plug outlet.

A Level 1 cable is akin to plugging in your smartphone, albeit a very large one, before turning in for the night. It's worth noting that this is the slowest form of charging and can take upwards of 36 hours or more to achieve a full charge depending on your battery size.

Level 1 Charger

Let’s break it down:

  • We all like free, and this one will cost you zero dollars to get started if your car manufacturer has kindly included a charge cable with your vehicle. Most, if not all, manufactures do. It's generally stored in the trunk so go take a peek if you haven't already located it.
  • You’ll pay about $2/100kms to charge your vehicle
  • If you have an old-school 2010 Nissan Leaf with 100 kms of range, Level 1 is going to work just fine. You can plug it in at night and wake to a fully charged Leaf.
  • If you have a brand-new high range EV6 or Tesla, you’re going to want to invest in another option. Unless, of course, you’re happy to wait 36+ hours for the high-capacity battery to charge.