Oil Change

Your KIA Oil Change Specialists

KIA Victoria is your warranty-approved oil change specialist. We understand your vehicle is an integral part of your life, and you want it to last. That’s why we make maintaining your vehicle in peak condition our top priority.
All internal combustion engines require oil to lubricate their moving parts, to keep the engine functioning properly. At KIA Victoria, we add the exact grade of oil your vehicle has been manufactured to run best on with the care and attention only certified technicians can provide.

Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil Change

Manufacturer Recommendations

You can follow the normal maintenance schedule listed in your owner’s manual which states that the engine oil and oil filter must be replaced every 12 000 km or 12 months whichever comes first. However, Kia Canada recommends that the engine oil and oil filter be replaced every 6 000 km or 6 months, whichever comes first, due to severe driving conditions in Canada. For additional information, you can refer to your maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual (section 7).

Oil Stains Under Your Car

As your vehicle ages the gaskets and seals begin to wear causing microscopic cracks and fissures. As time goes on, the internal oil pressure forces leakages through these openings. A small leak will inevitably become larger if ignored, reducing oil pressure in the engine and potentially causing extensive damage. If you have observed an oil leak from your vehicle, our KIA Victoria service specialists will diagnose the problem and present the best options to repair the issue.

Low Oil Pressure Light

Your engine requires proper oil pressure in order for the components to stay properly lubricated. Deficient oil pressure increases the friction during engine functioning, risking permanent damage. Low oil pressure can be caused by the level being too low or by malfunctions of the oil pump or engine itself. If your dashboard oil pressure light comes on and stays on, or if it comes on while the engine is running (even if it turns off quickly), your engine requires immediate attention. The KIA Victoria service team will assess the issue and present you with the most cost-effective options to repair the problem.

KIA Victoria Oil Change

The factory-trained service team at KIA Victoria is best equipped to diagnose any oil-related issues with your KIA and prescribe the most efficient solutions specific to your vehicle. Whether to inquire about the proper oil for your model or to get a full oil change, let KIA Victoria make your car run smoothly!