Pre-Owned Guarantees

Why buy a used vehicle from Kia Victoria? We think it’s pretty simple: We do things a bit differently around here.

At Kia Victoria, we think buying a reliable used vehicle should be an easy stress-free experience. We guarantee it.

We can offer so many guarantees simply because we believe in what we sell. Before they reach the sales floor, each one of our used vehicles is meticulously looked over by a licensed mechanic. Our technicians put every vehicle through a rigorous Quality Inspection, checking up to 150 points to meet our highest quality standards. We even show you the report. That means by the time you look at them, we have thoroughly inspected and reconditioned every used car we sell so you get a car you can trust.

Just one more reason you can trust Kia Victoria for the quality, value, and peace of mind you need when buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle.

As a family-owned locally operated small business we stay away from big corporate flashy sales tactics and pressures. And we have taken it a step further by eliminating all those pesky car-dealership stereotypes that can taint your car buying experience. You know the ones. Haggling. Buying a lemon. Pressure tactics. Paying too much. And the worst one of all, buyer’s remorse. Not at Kia Victoria.

Here’s our secret. We call this our Why Buy Promise. Why buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle from Kia Victoria? This is why:


72-Hour Money Back Guarantee

What’s not to love about driving home a brand-new or new-to-you car? We can’t think of anything! But we also know that sometimes things just don’t work out. That’s why we give you our 72-hour Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your new or used vehicle, or your situation changes, you can bring the vehicle back for a full refund or exchange it for a different vehicle. It’s that simple. See dealer for more information.

Used Car Exchange Privilege

We’re so sure you’ll like your car that we gladly back our Pre-Owned Vehicles with an unbeatable Used Car Exchange Privilege! How does it work? We guarantee you will like your vehicle; if not, we will exchange it for something that better suits your needs within the first 14 days or 500 kilometres - whichever comes first - from the date of purchase for any other in-stock Pre-Owned Vehicle. It’s just one of the many ways that Kia Victoria goes above and beyond for every customer. See dealer for details.

"The Basics" Guarantee

We sell great Pre-Owned Vehicles, so we gladly back them up with our unbeatable “The Basics” Guarantee! We strive to take the stress out of a used vehicle purchase by working hard to ensure our customers are completely satisfied. This continues with our “The Basics” Guarantee.

At Kia Victoria we guarantee that you won’t need to replace tires, breaks, bulbs, and wiper blades within the first 6 months or 5,000 kms - whichever comes first - from the date of purchase. It’s just one more way that we put our customers first.

Best Price Guarantee

At Kia Victoria we go to great lengths to make the car-buying process as simple as possible for our customers, starting with our One Price Guarantee.
Our One Price Guarantee is the assurance that we will always give you the absolute best price on all Pre-Owned Vehicles up front. No stress, no haggling. Guaranteed!
Does anyone really like the stress of negotiating down the price of a car? We sure don’t – so we took that all away with our One Price Guarantee. This is how it works: the price for all Pre-Owned Vehicles in our inventory is based on fair market value using current market valuation. We don’t artificially inflate our price just so you can negotiate it down. We start at our best price. Guaranteed.

How do we do it? Fair market value is based on the selling price of identical Pre-Owned Vehicles in similar markets, utilizing technology and careful frequent research to give you the best and most transparent current price. Our prices are updated regularly and change with the market.

So, shop around. Put some time in researching similar cars. Ask your friends. In fact, we encourage it. We know you’ll be back. 

Limited 90-Day Warranty

Kia Victoria goes the extra mile so you can too. We stand behind every car we sell by offering a Limited 90-Day Warranty on our pre-owned vehicles that do not have an existing manufacturer warranty. Our Limited 90-day Warranty comes with a minimum of 3 months or 5,000 kilometres (whichever comes first) of limited coverage on your purchase. For extra peace of mind, we’ll repair or replace parts covered under our Limited 90-Day Warranty on every used car we sell. That's standard. 

Need more? You can also extend or upgrade to an even more comprehensive Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection Plan.

Trade-In Guarantee

We are transparent, open, and honest. We provide an itemized written offer of your trade-in value, detailing exactly how we came to that number. The offer for your trade-in will be the same whether you buy a car from us or not: we’ll buy your car, even if you don't buy ours. The price won’t change. Even if you just need to sell your car, we’re happy to buy it from you. Bring your car to Kia Victoria today to get started. See dealer for all the details.

Free Car Proof Report

Clean title guarantee: We guarantee every used car we sell has an accurate mileage count and has not been branded as salvaged, rebuilt, or flood damaged or we’ll buy the car back. We also won’t sell cars with Frame or Flood Damage. We will provide you with a free complete Car Proof Vehicle History Report so you can rest easy – and buy easy – knowing exactly where your Pre-Owned vehicle has been before you buy.

Flexible Financing Options

We work with a variety of lenders to provide the best possible financing options. If approved, you’ll see all your offers when we do. Simply choose the one that’s right one for you. If you find a better option from another source, you’ll have 3 business days to refinance: penalty and interest free.

Easy Deal

We pride ourselves on providing you with the best possible car buying experience. We’re open, honest, and give you our No Pressure Assurance.

No Commission

People make Kia Victoria great. We only hire smart, friendly people who genuinely care about providing a great customer experience. Our Sales Consultants are paid the same no matter which vehicle they sell, so their focus is on helping you find a car that best suits your needs.

Part of Your Community

Kia Victoria strives to make an impact in the Capital Region through community events, sponsorships, and fundraisers. We believe that together, we can make a difference.