Sales Process at KIA Victoria

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We get it. Buying a car can be an intimidating process for many people. Bad experiences, stereotypes, and just plain fear of the unknown can all muddle your opinion of dealerships - and in some cases, rightly so.

We've written this guide to let you know exactly what you can expect at KIA Victoria when you come in to browse our vehicles. No games, no pressure, no sales tactics. Just good people helping you find the right vehicle for your lifestyle.

So here it is. Our guide to the Sales Process at KIA Victoria.


When you walk into our (beautiful and newly renovated!) building, you will be greeted by a member of our staff. This could be anyone from our lovely receptionist, Emil, to one of our dedicated owners, Brad or Greg. You'll be asked how we can help you. This helps us direct service customers, parts customers, and sales customers to the right people.

You'll be asked if you have an appointment, but don't worry - you don't need one.

About half our customers book ahead of time, and half are walk-ins. The benefits of an appointment is that you're assured that a team member will be ready to help you - and often this place is hopping with customers!

If you're just browsing on the lot, we tend to leave you a bit of space while you kick tires and look in windows. We will come out to greet you and see how we can help after a little while. If you're just here to browse our vehicles and get to know KIA a bit better, let the team member know and they'll give you the space you need. Once you're ready for help, come on inside.

You will now be introduced to a team member in our sales division.

The First Date

The first step in the sales process at KIA Victoria will be to get to know you a bit better. What are you looking for? Have you come to see a specific vehicle? What do you drive now? Are there things you like about it? What do you dislike? How many people will be using the vehicle? What do your weekends look like? Do you go on long road-trips often? We'll ask about pets, your job, and hobbies. If you have specific questions about us, our vehicles, or anything at all, now is the time to speak up. It's a little like speed dating!

But our purpose isn't just to get to know you better - that's just the bonus.

We are trying to dig deeper than most dealerships into your true needs and wants. And sometimes, what you think you need isn't actually the best vehicle for you. Our professionals are trained to find the best fit for your lifestyle, now and several years into the future. We know buying a vehicle is a big investment, and we want to help you make the right choice.

The Appraisal

Ideally, at this point, we start the trade-in appraisal process (if you have one). You'll also be introduced to our sales management team: the dynamic duo, Bryce and Elmano.

Now, you may be asking, didn't we skip a step? What about the sale first? Quite simply, we want you to feel comfortable, heard, and welcomed.

We also want to appraise your trade-in first so we can see firsthand what you loved and didn’t like about your current vehicle. We can also see how long you've kept it for, and how you bought it (finance, lease, or cash), and we can use that information to help with the selection of your new (or new to you) vehicle.

And, of course, the trade-in value is critical in helping us determine the final numbers.

Our aim is to be completely transparent with the entire process of buying a car. We'll give you the CarFax report for free and our vehicle appraisal report to keep. Even if you don't purchase a vehicle from us, we'll honor this price and buy your car. The price is the price whether you buy from us or not. We don't play games at KIA Victoria.


At this point, we'll delve deeply into vehicles, budgets, promotions, features, and specifications. We'll look at vehicles on the lot, but we'll also check the database for vehicles that are available to us.

Once the selection of your new or pre-owned vehicle is confirmed, it's time to test drive! Typically, one of our team members will accompany you on your vehicle demonstration to answer questions and offer assistance. They'll show you the features, and encourage you to really get to know the vehicle (hello zero to sixty).

Sometimes, however, it's just too busy for one of us to go along. Or due to Covid 19 restrictions we are unable. But don't worry, we'll be here to answer all your questions once you return.

What about COVID-19? During the current health crisis, it's sometimes beneficial for both parties to remain distant. If a team member accompanies you on your test-drive, you will be required to wear a face covering and leave the windows open. Or you may be required to go on the test drive by yourself.

Nice to Meet You!

Once you're back, we'll introduce you around. You may meet our service team, reception, the finance managers, and even our dedicated owners. Buying a vehicle is more than just getting a new ride - we see it as starting a long-term relationship. You'll be servicing with us for years to come and we want you to feel comfortable and welcomed.

As one of the last family-owned local dealerships in Victoria, we believe in relationships above all else.

The Nitty Gritty

At this point, we'll get down to numbers.

Working within your budget, we'll review information and go over the sales worksheet, payments, and price. We realize that this can be the most intimidating part of the process. If you're feeling uncomfortable, let a team member know. We believe in complete transparency and will do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable with the process. We will show you how we reached the final price in detail. We've got nothing to hide.

negotiating tips: did you know, most non-luxury import vehicles have very small profit margins, sometimes as low as 0.25%? Domestic and luxury manufacturers tend to build in much larger profit margins so you can negotiate your way down to a 'good' deal. But most import manufacturers keep the mark-ups low.

At this point, if you need to think things over we recommend putting down a refundable deposit. As you can imagine, we're a busy dealership with many people on our sales team. Chances are, if you're interested in it, someone else will be too. It truly is a no-pressure way to ensure the vehicle you're thinking about is still there when you're ready.

The Finance Office

Once you've agreed to the purchase, we'll head over to the finance office to complete the sale. You'll meet with either Valerie or Yolande. Sometimes we book this for another day, but we try to accommodate you as soon as possible and often have same-day availability.

The finance office is where you sign the sales agreement. It's also where you can opt for additional warranties, plus many other products. To learn what you can expect in the finance office in detail, head on over to our article entitled What Extended Warranties and Protection Packages are Right For ME?

Our incredible Finance Office Advisors will help you decide which plans are worth it for you and your lifestyle and which ones to skip.


The next step is insuring your new vehicle. While you're welcome to take the paperwork to your usual insurance broker, most people opt to use our on-site insurance agent. They have license plates and everything you need to get on the road safely and quickly, plus access to all the products and programs you use now.

Now comes the big moment. Taking delivery of your new vehicle! We don't just hand you the key - we'll go over everything with you. We review of all the vehicle's features, and go over any questions you may have. We'll stay as long as you need. You'll receive the key fobs, paperwork, and insurance documents.

And now you get to drive happily away. Maybe take the scenic route home today!


  • 120 minutes - getting to know you, trade-in appraisal, selecting your vehicle, test-drive, and settling on a price
  • 90 minutes - business office, insurance, delivery of vehicle


Quick Tips from Bethan:

  • I would say that it’s great to book an appointment before coming in. This way we will have the vehicle ready for you (if you know what you’re looking for) or at the least a salesperson will be ready for you and you won’t need to wait if it’s busy.
  • COVID-19 special considerations: much of the sales process can take place over the phone, especially the early stages of finding out your needs/wants, checking availability, appraisal of your trade-in vehicle etc. It's a great time to let us do a bit of legwork for you ahead of time.
  • Check the dealerships google reviews. Knowing what previous clients say about a dealership is the best way to find out how you will be treated.
  • Do some research on the vehicle you want and the pricing before coming in (write it down so you can refer to it later).
  • If you are looking for pre-owned, research that year of car, model, trim, and mileage. Check out what similar vehicles sell for in similar markets to make sure you don’t over pay.
  • This one is a huge one! Don’t be scared to tell your salesperson the truth! The more you can share with the salesperson the better they can help you find the perfect car for you. Remember, you did your research and you picked the right dealership to help you - so let them help.
  • If you feel like something doesn’t feel right, go with your gut, and don’t rush the process.
  • Ask for a longer test drive if you are unsure. In special cases, we can send the vehicle out over night. It’s best to drive the vehicle on the roads you are used to so you can get a real sense for how it will feel for your everyday driving.
  • If it’s a pre owned vehicle, make sure you see a CarFax report and a thorough inspection report. Feel free to get a 3rd party inspection, even if you're buying from a dealership.
  • And finally, I would recommend that you bring a friend or family member if you're shopping alone. It’s always great to get another person's perspective. The old adage is true though - too many cooks spoil the broth. Bring a reliable partner, not an entourage.



Hopefully you now have a great idea of what to expect from your next visit to KIA Victoria. While you're in there say HI to Brad from me.