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Kia Victoria Service Centre

The Kia Victoria service department delivers the best automotive service to our customers and their Kia's. State-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment allow our highly skilled, factory trained technicians deliver efficient, top-quality maintenance and repair. With Kia factory service, your vehicle will be functioning at its best when you need it most. Contact Kia Victoria service for a diagnostic appointment of your vehicle.



Regular oil changes keeps your Kia in optimal running shape and guard your wallet against future expenses. Get a Genuine Kia full synthetic oil and filter change, with the lowest price guarantee at Kia Victoria.



Never be unsure whether your brakes will keep your family safe. Kia Victoria is dedicated to making sure your brakes are maintained to the highest standard by a highly trained Kia technician.



When the seasons change and the rain (and occasional snow) comes, it’s vitally important to make sure your vehicle has the proper tires. Safety is one of our highest priorities, so let Kia Victoria help you optimise your car’s performance in every season.



Your vehicle’s battery is its heart and your Kia needs its battery at peak fitness to function properly. If your vehicle’s battery is due for service or replacement, Kia Victoria offers the best prices on new batteries to ensure your Kia remains in peak form, no matter the weather.


With state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment, our highly-skilled, factory-trained technicians deliver efficient, top-quality maintenance and repair. Ensure your vehicle is functioning at its best with expert service from Kia Victoria.



With the most current, state-of-the-art diagnostic and repair equipment available, our highly-skilled, factory-trained Kia technicians deliver efficient, expert vehicle maintenance and repair. Our service advisors will keep you informed about your vehicle’s progress during service, so there are no surprises when the bill comes and your vehicle is ready on schedule.



Your vehicle’s tires are the only contact point with every road you drive on. Therefore, it’s imperative you have the right tires for your vehicle for the conditions in which you drive. That’s why you should trust your tire service to the professional Certified Technicians at Kia Victoria. Once you have had your tires serviced at Kia Victoria, you’ll feel sure of more than just your tires; you’ll feel confident that your family’s safety is assured.



Vehicle parts recommended by manufacturers are an important part of maintaining your vehicle’s peak performance. We offer the same purpose-built parts and accessories your vehicle was made with. Kia Victoria keeps a large inventory of these certified parts in stock at all times.


Come in today to find the best offers on certified Kia service.


Kia Service & Repair Shop in Victoria, British Columbia

Kia Victoria understands that customers have several choices for vehicle repair. It is because of that we strive to earn your business, rather than expect it simply because you drive a Kia. Our comprehensive array of auto maintenance and repair services and expert service advisors are here to make sure your experience exceeds expectations. Kia Victoria employs state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to solve a multitude of vehicle repair issues, and we always provide a quote before beginning any repair work, ensuring customers have cost certainty before beginning any service.

Automotive repair service centres are not created equal. Depending on the auto shop you choose, your vehicle may get fitted with aftermarket parts that may not meet the specific requirements of your make and model. By choosing to have your vehicle serviced at Kia Victoria, you can be assured that your automobile will be receiving only authentic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This ensures that you get the same parts that were provided with the vehicle when you bought it: parts specifically designed for your vehicle. These OEM parts ensure that your car runs as expected, while also potentially boosting the resale value of your vehicle.

Aftermarket parts are generally designed to be used across different makes and models. They are rarely tailored toward your specific vehicle, thus potentially causing noticeable degradations in vehicle performance. By servicing your Kia at Kia Victoria, your vehicle is serviced by expert Kia specialists and you are assured that it’s running in peak condition all year round.