Service Department

Welcome to our Service Department

We strive to provide the best service on Vancouver Island. You will be assigned a dedicated Service Advisor to expertly guide you through your entire service experience: no surprises, no pressure, fully informed, and on time.

While you wait, enjoy our Snack and Beverage Counter, go for a spin on one of our service loaner bicycles, cozy up in one of our club chairs, or take advantage of a free taxi voucher to get you where you need to go. It’s all part of how we do things differently.

Come experience the Kia Victoria difference with Jaime, Yvon, Kris, Jeremy, Geori, JoHanna, Mar, and Megan. Call our team now.


Regular oil changes keep your Kia in optimal running condition and guard your wallet against future expenses. Learn when it’s time for an oil change, why they’re so important, Kia Canada recommendations, and more.


When the seasons change and the rain - and occasional snow - comes to the west coast, it’s vitally important to make sure your vehicle has the proper tires. Let us help you optimize your car’s performance in every season.


We all know properly maintained brakes are vital to your safety on the road. Learn how often they need to be inspected, plus signs you’re overdue.


Whether your vehicle is gas-powered, hybrid, or electric, your battery needs to be at peak fitness to function properly. Learn the signs that indicate you may need a new battery, plus expert tips for maintaining and protecting your electric vehicle battery.