Soul of Victoria

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We always want to help our community in every way we can. And now is no exception.

Today we find ourselves in a position where our own business is very much affected by the COVID-19 crisis. But we’re still here, we’re still open, and we’re still trying to help.

We hear the stats on the tv each night – how many businesses aren’t expected to weather this storm. Who’s struggling. And who might not make it to the other side.

So that got us thinking. Which local businesses we would miss most? So, we’re starting a BRAND NEW CAMPAIGN called Community Soul!


Did you know that KIA Victoria is one of the only locally owned dealerships in Victoria? Most other stores are now owned by large dealer groups in other cities and provinces. Two local families purchased the store in October 2019, and are working hard to make a difference.

If you purchase from a locally owned businesses like KIA Victoria, 68% of your dollar returns to Victoria through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures. And if you purchase from a national chain, 43% of your dollar stays in Victoria. But if you purchase online, none of it stays in Victoria.


So, we’ve decided to partner with our local faves, spend a little locally, spread a little love, and give away care packages to our most loved people – that’s you, our KIA Family. And promote the heck out of these much-loved businesses, too.

And to start, we’re partnering with Oak Bay favourite Finn and Izzy. Why them, you ask? Not only are they a lovely local store, carefully curated with all things adorable and fun, but it hits close to home for us. Two of our owners, Brad and Bethan, have four sons. Let’s just allow that to sink in a bit. Four sons at home all the time. Four sons to entertain, homeschool, clean, and feed.


And so, we thought there must be a few families out there looking for some entertainment for their kids too. Enter to win on Facebook and Instagram!


During this unprecedented time, we are giving back as best we can. We’re continuing our Soul Food Campaign with the Mustard Seed. We’re also still picking up grocery orders and delivering them to people who are unable to get out themselves. And now we’re adding in our new Community Soul campaign.


Nominate your favourite locally owned business here! Here are some of ours!