Finance for Under $600 a Month: The Best Compact SUV Financing Deals

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“Financing allows car buyers to purchase a vehicle and break down the cost down into monthly payments”

Look, we can understand the intimidating feeling when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle. Small, everyday purchases never seem to bother you until you’re faced with a price tag that makes you think twice about purchasing that pair of $50 boots last week. However, purchasing a new (or new-ish) vehicle doesn’t have to be such a scary experience. Instead of one very large lump sum, that large price tag can be broken down into smaller amounts that you can pay for an extended period.

Our friends at The Globe and Mail put in the work and created a list that features some of their favourite compact-SUV financing deals for under $600 a month.

It just so happens that one of their featured SUV is the 2020 Kia Sportage (LX AWD). Finance for 60 months at 0.99 % interest for $569 per month including tax and assumes zero down payment.



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