The Top 10 Reasons Buy From a Dealership

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The Top 10 Reasons to Buy From a Dealership

Did you know, the majority of people choose to buy a used car from a franchised dealership rather than buy privately. Why? Well, a lot of consumers are worried about the all the unknowns and uncertainties that come part-and-parcel with a private listing. In this article, we'll learn why people choose a dealership over a private listing.

Here are the top 10 reasons to buy from a dealership:

Mechanical Inspection

Firstly, dealerships are required to complete a mechanical inspection of the vehicle. Knowing the exact condition of the car you're looking at is paramount. You'll receive a full mechanical inspection report so you know exactly what's under the hood. This is a huge bonus.


Other than cars sold “as is”, the vehicle should be reconditioned and repaired to reflect any deficiencies noted in the inspection. Additionally, maintenance will be brought up to date. Most dealers will spend an average of $1200 - $1700 on reconditioning and repair on every used vehicle that they sell. This can include big ticket items such as new tires, among other things.

Return Policy

72-Hour Money Back Guarantee: Sometimes things don't work out. So, it's nice to know you can always change your mind. Returning a vehicle to a private seller will be a long shot at best.


Exchange Policy: Some dealerships, like KIA Victoria, provide an exchange privilege because we are well aware that sometimes you just change your mind.


The Basics are Guaranteed: Some dealerships offer guarantees that you won't need to replace tires, breaks, bulbs, or wipers within the first six months. No big budget expenses to prepare for!


Limited 90-Day Warranty: many dealerships include some extra piece of mind.

Extended Warranty

You can choose from a number of different extended warranty options that are available to purchase at an additional cost.


Additionally, dealers are required to post a bond that guarantees any vehicle they sell will have no liens or encumbrances from previous loans on the vehicle. This can be one of the biggest risks in purchasing a used vehicle from a private seller. Without a clear unencumbered title, a previous lender could claim the title, and even repossess a vehicle bought from a private seller.


Financing is also key for most consumers. Dealers can offer a wide range of lending options that you would otherwise need to juggle yourself.

Tax Savings

Lastly, the ability to trade-in your previous vehicle is a big advantage. Most provinces allow you to only pay tax on the price difference between the vehicle that you are buying and the one that you are trading in, will can result in huge tax savings.


These are just a few of the reasons that buying from a dealership also buys you peace of mind. The professional team is another one. At every step in the process - from speaking with a sales team member, sales manager, and finally the financial services manager - you are dealing with professionals. And if you choose a great, reliable, dealership, you'll also be receiving advice and leadership that may save you from making the wrong decision for you and your lifestyle.

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