What I don’t like about my Kia EV6

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Today I thought I would tell you about what’s it’s like to own an EV6 – what it’s like to drive, what I like, what I don’t… It’s all here. First off, I am on my second Kia EV6. My current model is a 2023 Kia EV6 AWD Long Range with GT Line PKG 1 in Runway Red. I’ve had this one for about a year. This is my vehicle, but we as a family have two cars – the other one is a Kia EV9, the perfect vehicle for the six of us to travel around in. My EV6 is used for my work commute, or whenever we just need the smaller car, plus driving my fours sons to their activities.

The cockpit:

I really like the curved dual panoramic displays. Everything you could possibly need or want to see is right there. The wireless charging I don’t think I could live without. Not having to bother with cords is to get a quick top-up on the way is genius. Plus, the teens love the rear USB-C charging ports.

The EV6 has the same wheelbase as the Kia Telluride. Plus, it compares with the width of a Ford Mustang Mach E and the wheelbase and ground clearance of a Tesla Model Y. It counts the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Tesla Model 3 as its main competition. Size-wise, it fits in the Kia line-up between the Sorento and the Sportage.

I love that it sits more like a sedan than an SUV. Technically it’s a crossover, but I love that it still feels like a car. The seats are higher for getting in, there’s a ton of storage in the trunk due to the liftgate, but it’s still not too too big.

Cargo and Passenger Space:

I can fit my four sons plus all of our gear without complaint. Our record is four hockey bags plus sticks, four hockey players, and me. And I could still use the rearview mirror. Plus, there’s great visibility from all sides, and especially over the hood while driving or parking.

Kia EV6 rear seat


I spend what feels like most of my evenings and weekends in cold arenas with four sons playing hockey. So, I love the heated seat and steering wheel, and how quickly it warms up. It has an electric heating unit, so it doesn’t need to wait for the engine to warm up. It just does its thing.


This car is incredibly fast. I wouldn’t have rated that as important to me at all before getting the car. But admittedly, it’s incredibly fun to zip off the line at a green light, or for passing other vehicles on the Malahat. It’s hard to describe. There’s no rev or roar of the engine, it just goes and goes.

It’s hard to talk about the speed without also talking about the range. Now that it’s about a year old, I’ve personally charged EV6 up to about 550 km. But we have had customers send us pictures of their EV6 charged to 630 kms! Incredible! Book says 499, but on that perfect Goldilocks day, I can definitely get more. Plus, it charges super fast. We plug it in at night about once every two weeks and it’s always at full charged by morning.

I love the vehicle-to-load functionality. That makes camping trips and beach days a whole lot easier. Firing up the electric stove or blowing up dinghies is a breeze.

Corner View 2024 EV6 GT


I feel slightly remiss not talking about safety features sooner. But I feel like they’re integrated so seamlessly that you don’t really know you have them or use them. I most definitely take them for granted.

I especially love the side-view cameras, back-up camera, and top-view camera for parking or just checking around me before I drive away. I wouldn’t be able to live without them now. The added benefit of all the cameras is its ability to park itself. While I don’t find many occasions to use this particular bonus function, my husband can’t use it enough. If you’re over to our house for dinner, dessert will be watching our EV6 back up the driveway.

The auto emergency braking technology has helped me more times than I care to share with my husband. I also love the blind spot detection technology – the sideview mirror has a light that goes on when someone is in your blind spot – and it’s super handy for changing lanes once you get used to relying on it.


Named Europe’s Car of the Year, the Kia EV6 is a dedicated all-electric SUV that boasts jaw-dropping performance, long range, AWD capability, 18-minute ultra-fast charging time, towing capacity, and zero-emissions.

But it’s more than all that. It’s sporty but it’s also totally practical for working/mum life. If you’re in the market for a 5-passenger EV, I cannot recommend the Kia EV6 enough.

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