Why Now a Good Time to Buy a Used Vehicle at Kia Victoria in Victoria BC

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Now a Good Time to Buy a Used Vehicle

You may have heard about auto manufacturing supply chain disruptions, microchip shortages, rising used car prices, empty car lots. In fact, it might not seem like the best time to buy a used car.

So, why do we think now a good time to buy a used vehicle? Here’s some food for thought.

Our Cars Are Priced to Sell

All our used inventory is below market value.

Kia Victoria is a high volume used car dealership. We have such a small lot that we have no choice but to price our used inventory so our vehicles sell quickly.

What does that mean for you? We don’t artificially inflate the price just so you can negotiate it down. And we don’t start high and slowly drop the price over the car’s lifespan on our lot. We start with our best price first.

And our best price is the actual best price. You see, our highly sophisticated algorithm looks at similar vehicles for sale in similar markets and prices them for what they actually sell for. We update this weekly based on market fluctuations. If the algorithm tells us that the price went down, our prices go down.

We’ve Got Your Car

At Kia Victoria, we carry more used inventory that the competition. We feel that the best way to serve Victoria is to provide vehicles for everyone’s budget and needs. And that means a robust used car inventory to go along with our award-winning new car line-up. In fact, our Used Car Manager works tirelessly to make sure we have what you’re looking for. Check out our used inventory here.

Interest rates are about to rise

Governments around the world have all been signaling pending increases to prime interest rates to help curb price inflation. Finance rates for car loans are fixed over the term so by buying now rather than later will save your thousands in potential interest charges. Just a 2% difference in interest rate on a finance contract of $40,000 over 84 months represents $2900 in additional interest over the term of the loan. Since auto loans are for fixed rates, you don’t have to worry about your payment going up when interest rates rise.

Your trade-in value is at an all time high

It’s true that used vehicle pricing is up on average compared to two years ago. In some markets it’s up as much as 40%. While this means you may pay a bit more for your used vehicle, you’re also going to get more for your trade-in.

And at Kia Victoria, our pricing is fair. We price our vehicles to sell quickly, which means there’s no room to inflate our prices beyond what they’re actually worth.

It makes sense to maximize your trade value now, before supply increases and values drop. Click here to see what your car is worth.

Why Buy From Kia Victoria

Why buy a used vehicle from KIA Victoria? We think it’s pretty simple: We do things a bit differently around here. At Kia Victoria, we think buying a reliable used vehicle should be an easy stress-free experience. In fact, we guarantee it:

  • 72 Hour Returns
  • 14 Day Used Car Exchanges
  • No Negotiation Needed
  • Our Best Price Is Already Listed
  • 6-Month Tire, Brakes, Wipers & Bulbs Guarantee
  • Limited 90-Day Warranty included on all used vehicles
  • Free Car Proof Report
  • Flexible Financing Options
  • We pride ourselves on being a Zero Pressure environment

Learn more about why Kia Victoria is different here.


Now may be one of the best times to buy a used car. Check out our used inventory here.