Why Regular Maintenance Is Important

Why Follow the Kia Canada Recommended Service Schedule?

Regular vehicle maintenance is imperative to keep your vehicle running smoothly for a long reliable life on the road. It also ensures your Kia Canada warranty, and any extended warranties that you purchased, are not voided due to lack of proper care. Failure to follow the recommended Kia Canada maintenance schedule can, quite simply, leave your vehicle without coverage when you need it.  

Keeping up-to-date on your recommended maintenance schedule

  • ensure you have warranty coverage when you need it
  • contributes to a higher resale value
  • helps prevent costly repairs
  • extends the life of your vehicle

We believe this so strongly that we offer you competitive pricing on service and guaranteed OEM parts. 


Regular oil changes keep your Kia in optimal running condition. It also guards your wallet against future expenses. All internal combustion engines require oil to lubricate moving parts and to keep the engine functioning properly. Over time, the fast-moving parts breakdown the oil and lessen its ability to absorb heat and lubricate the engine. The result is that the engine, and therefore your vehicle, won’t last as long as it could have with regular maintenance. Learn more here. 


We all know properly maintained brakes are vital to your safety on the road. To avoid costly repairs or brake failure, it’s wise to have your brakes checked by a qualified technician regularly. The factory-trained technicians at KIA Victoria will do both a visual and hands-on analysis of the brake’s systems and will provide detailed information on any recommended work. Learn how often they need to be inspected, plus signs you’re overdue. 


Whether your vehicle is gas-powered, hybrid, or electric, your battery is the heart of your vehicle. And it needs to be at peak fitness to function properly. Regular maintenance and preventative measures can help make sure that small problems don’t turn into extensive and costly repairs. Learn more here.